Rehabilitation & Fitness Training Near Roanoke, VA

Professional Rehab Associates (PRA) is the Roanoke Valley region’s modern and independently owned professional rehabilitation facility. We proudly serve the rehabilitation and physical fitness needs of residents of Roanoke, Virginia and the surrounding area. Our goal is to promptly diagnose, treat, and get our patients back to living and enjoying their lives to the maximum extent possible. We treat an extensive variety of disabling and painful conditions, assist those who are recovering from orthopedic surgery, as well as work, traumatic, and sports-related injuries. Our physical therapists also provide personalized care and rehabilitative treatment for many other types of conditions, as well.

Fitness training is available for athletes of all skill levels. PRA trainers evaluate our athletes’ weaknesses and overall physical condition to develop personalized goals to help maximize performance, develop muscle memory, and increase strength, flexibility, and stamina. Our services are available for amateur and professional athletes in all sports, including track and field events, volleyball, swimming, basketball, and all other sports. Our training programs are targeted to meet the specific physical requirements to excel in each sport. In addition, we assist non-athletes who are interested in increasing their physical fitness levels and reaching their optimal weight.

Vinton, VA Physical & Occupational Therapy

At Professional Rehab Associates, we serve the occupational and physical therapy needs of our Vinton, VA guests. Our highly experienced therapists are trained to work closely with each patient and his or her physician to restore maximum function in the most safe and efficient manner possible. We guide our patients to achieve optimal recovery by implementing a comprehensive and multi-focal approach, tracking progress, and reworking the PT or OT program as necessary to achieve solid results. The physical therapists of PRA assist patients of all ages. We work closely with our guests to enhance and promote functions that may have been impacted by congenital disabilities, dysfunctions, disease, neurological conditions, and traumatic injuries. We treat all types of conditions including TMJD, arthritis, pain, work-related injuries and much more.

Serving Vestibular Therapy Needs of Roanoke Valley, VA

Residents of Roanoke Valley, Virginia seek the exceptional physical therapists of Professional Rehab Associates as a result of our reputation for assisting patients with regaining the quality of life that they desire. We use evidence-based approaches to provide vestibular rehabilitation services for people experiencing symptoms including:


By working with our patients to encourage the brain to learn to use other body senses to compensate, we may also be able to provide some relief for secondary symptoms that may arise as a result of vestibular disabilities such as nausea, vomiting, decreased focus, concentration and stamina, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Our goal is to assist each patient with decreasing the symptoms of these vestibular disorders that impact the quality of life and have an impact on many aspects of daily living. 

Salem, VA’s Non-Intimidating Gym & Pool Membership

We welcome Salem, Virginia residents to enjoy our professionally staffed fitness-based Wellness Program. At Professional Rehab Associates, our comprehensive program is flexible and designed to offer you everything required to safely and efficiently achieve your fitness or weight-loss goals. Our Wellness Program membership includes a complete, informative physical assessment and targeted personal training. Our members are granted access to our pool and modern, fully-equipped gym. The environment at PRA is inclusive and non-intimidating. Guests of all abilities, fitness levels, and ages are welcome. Individual, self-guided sessions are available, as well as professionally led training. Let us help you achieve your fitness goals! Our gym includes:


Speech Therapy & Assistive Devices in Roanoke Valley

Professional Rehab Associates provides an extensive range of modern speech therapy services. In addition to assisting our patients achieve their best communicative abilities, we offer state-of-the-art assistive device fitting and usage training for residents in the Roanoke Valley region of Virginia. Our therapists are experienced in diagnosing, treating, and assisting patients with their voice development and rehabilitation needs. PRA offers pediatric, paralysis, post-laryngectomy, and stroke recovery speech services. Effective treatments are available to assist our guests overcome speech challenges resultant from all types of diseases, dysfunctions, surgeries, disabilities, and traumatic injuries that affect speech.


We assist patients who require treatment for stroke-related speech loss, birth injuries, and cognitive delay, post-laryngectomy care, as a result of traumatic brain injury, voice strain, paralysis, or any other speech-related challenge, The therapists of PRA assist all ages of patients. Our professional therapists are on hand to assist you with all your rehabilitation and fitness goals in the Roanoke Region.