Rehabilitation & Fitness Training Near Riner, VA

Professional Rehab Associates (PRA) serves the comprehensive fitness training and rehabilitation needs of Riner, Virginia residents, as well as the Auburn Area School District. Our professional rehabilitation facility is clean, modern, and independently owned. Our goal is to provide accurate diagnoses and evidence-based therapies to assist our patients. 

Occupation & Speech Therapy

in the Auburn School Districtin Virginia

PRA’s therapists provide a variety of on-site professional speech and occupational therapy treatments for students in the Auburn School District in Virginia, as well as for patients of all ages. We diagnose and treat physical, cognitive, and developmental delays of all types with treatments tailored to the specific needs of each patient. Our goal is to assist our clients by helping them to improve:


Sports & Orthopedic Therapy

Near Riner, VA

Professional Rehab Associates therapists have the experience and skills necessary to assist our patients achieve optimal sports enhancement, and manage the symptoms that may result from a wide variety of orthopedic conditions. Our targeted sports enhancement programs are designed to identify weaknesses and address those issues effectively. For our patients living near Riner, Virginia, who are recovering from surgery, accidents, or are seeking relief from a variety of debilitating and/or painful orthopedic conditions, we offer evidence-based therapies designed to assist the healing process, strengthen the body, and minimize disabilities and pain resulting from acute and chronic conditions. We provide comprehensive therapies to assist athletes and non-athletes with accomplishing their fitness, performance, and daily goals to live their best possible lives. 

Medical & Assistive Equipment Supplies & Training

in Riner, VA

When specific medical devices and adaptive/assistive equipment are recommended to improve the patient‘s functional level, our therapists work closely with physicians and medical equipment suppliers near Riner, Virginia to ensure that our patients receive the necessary equipment, as well as complete training, to utilize these items. We strive to assist each patient by removing barriers and opening up new possibilities to achieving success in school, work, and daily lives. 

Medical & Assistive Equipment Supplies & Training

in Riner, VA

The speech therapists of PRA offer on-site speech and voice therapy and rehabilitation for students and patients of all ages and abilities throughout the entire Auburn School District and Riner, Virginia. Our patients include those diagnosed with birth injuries and traumatic brain injuries, to strokes, and other disabling conditions. We also treat swallowing and feeding disorders. Assistive communication/electronic speaking device training is also available.

Professional Rehab Associates (PRA) offers treatment for a wide range of painful and disabling physical and cognitive conditions. Our dedicated professional therapists provide effective assistance for patients in and around Riner, Virginia. We assist residents who are dealing with an extensive variety of acute and chronic medical conditions, as well as those who are recovering from orthopedic surgery, birth-related disabilities, traumatic injuries, work and sport-related injuries.

Contact Professional Rehab Associates at (540) 639-5786 if you are interested in learning more about our rehabilitation services, physical and occupational therapy, sports enhancement and wellness programs, or any of our other services.