Occupational Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

Near Radford, VA

Professional Rehab Associates provides exceptional Occupational Therapy for residents in Radford River, and throughout all of southwest Virginia. Our therapies include sensory integration therapy, ADL/self-care skills, fine motor tasks, handwriting, and task specific training. 

Sensory Integration Therapy Near Radford, VA

SENSORY INTEGRATION: Our occupational therapists address difficulties that individuals in Radford, VA, and the surrounding area may have with processing information received through the senses. Patients who show signs such as delays in coordination, verbal communication, learning, behavior, unusual responses to touch or movement, seeking excessive stimulation, and related symptoms may benefit from sensory integration therapy.

At PRA, our goal for our patients with Sensory Integration and related issues is to help each individual gain the skills necessary to improve his or her bodily responses to stimuli in order to reach an optimal functional level. We assist patients by teaching them how to organize and respond to typical experiences that they are likely to encounter. The tactile (touch), vestibular (balance/coordination), and proprioceptive (special relationship processing) systems are thoroughly evaluated. A personalized plan is developed to help our patients better make sense of and process the information received from their environment to enable them to adapt and thrive in a variety of situations. Controlled, evidence-based movement activities, “messy” activities, and various tactile exercises are employed to assist each patient with better processing stimuli and his or her reactions to them.

Activities of Daily Life & Self-Care Skills Therapy

Near Riner, VA

ADL/SELF-CARE SKILLS: It is critically important to an individual’s personal development to maximize his or her activities of daily living (ADL) and self-care skills. Activities such as feeding oneself, dressing, hygiene, meal preparation, doing laundry, and similar tasks can be improved upon or mastered with patient, evidence-based occupational therapy to address the deficiencies that contribute to less than optimal self care. We are able to teach our patients who live in and around Riner, Virginia through repeated practice and routine how to break complex tasks down into manageable tasks. For patients who are physically unable to complete certain tasks, adaptive equipment such as reachers, long-handled bathing sponges, and built-up spoons may be prescribed to help our patients achieve needs to relearn skills following surgery or illness, or could benefit from greater independence by improving his or her daily living and self-care skills, we can help.

Handwriting & Fine Motor Skills

Near Radford, VA

FINE MOTOR SKILLS & HANDWRITING: Fine motor skills include the ability to control and manipulate small tools and items with controlled, intricate movements. These skills are essential for most activities in our daily lives. Our occupational therapists assess and evaluate each patient for clinical signs that may indicate that an individual may require fine motor tasks and/or handwriting therapy and develop an individualized plan to address any issues that are diagnosed. Some of the areas that we are able to provide therapeutic assistance for include: improving pencil/writing instrument grasp, hand and finger strength, handwriting legibility, improved manual dexterity, finger isolation, bilateral integration, the quality and speed of task outcomes, crossing the midline, hand/eye coordination, establishing hand dominance, object manipulation, proprioception, and an overall increase in proficiency at all tasks involving fine motor coordination. PRA is conveniently located near Radford, VA and serves residents throughout all of southwestern Virginia.

Montgomery County, VA Task Specific Training

TASK SPECIFIC TRAINING: Task specific training involves neurological rehabilitation for stroke survivors and others who may benefit from direct neuromotor intervention to effectively regain upper limb function. We offer therapies to assist our patients to more effectively complete common, everyday activities. Following a comprehensive functional assessment, our occupational therapists develop an individualized training program to effectively improve any weaknesses and further develop the strengths of each patient. Through repetitive practice, feedback, and dedication, PRA (located in Montgomery County, Virginia) has assisted many of our patients reclaim their functionality and enjoyment of life.

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