Treatment for Neurological Conditions

Near Radford, VA

Have you been diagnosed with a neurological condition or impairment that is negatively impacting your quality of life? Professional Rehab Associates provides medical diagnosis of neurological conditions, evidence-based treatment, and effective therapies for patients in or near Radford, Virginia. Our goal is to assist our patients to get back to the optimal level possible. 

Experienced Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy& Spina Bifida Treatments

Let our experienced therapists help you regain functional capacity so that you can better complete your school, work, and day-to-day activities. Some of the neurological conditions that we treat include:

  • DIZZINESS: Including vertigo, BPPV & vestibular impairment
  • HEAD & BRAIN INJURY: Including concussion
  • FALLS (HISTORY): Prevention

Treatment for Movement Disorders, Stroke & Brain Injury

Near Radford, VA

At Professional Rehab Associates, our neurological physical therapists are highly experienced in evaluating conditions resultant from diseases and injuries to the nervous system including stroke, traumatic brain injury, and movement disorders. We provide the best and most appropriate treatment plan for your individual needs to help you regain as much control as possible and manage the disease or disorder that is affecting your neurological system. Our goal is to restore your mobility to the maximum extent possible so that you can best participate in your life. 

Prompt Treatment of Neurological Conditions

in Radford, VA

Contact PRA as soon as possible following your neurological diagnosis or injury. There is a critical period of time when uninjured cells in the brain and spinal cord can learn to control lost function. Our therapists have the extensive experience and skills required to teach you how to maintain and regain control of most functions that have been lost. We have helped numerous patients regain their ability to live independently and improve their quality of life.


Contact Professional Rehab Associates if you would like to schedule neurological rehabilitation services at (540) 639-5786.