Enjoy the Clean, Modern Facilities

at Professional Rehab Associates

Professional Rehab Associates maintains modern state-of-the-art training, treatment, and rehabilitation areas at our clean facility located in Christiansburg, Virginia. We are conveniently located near Radford University, Virginia Tech, and Radford, and we serve residents throughout all of southwest Virginia. We have a fully equipped gym and therapy/swimming pool for our wellness program for your enjoyment. We also have four comfortable, private rooms for rehabilitation therapy. We take pride in offering the best treatments and equipment for our guests.

Improve Your Body’s Function & Fitness at Our Gym

Near Radford, VA

Our gym is fully equipped to serve all of your sports training, corrective exercise, rehabilitation, and overall health and wellness needs. It is available for our patients as well as our Wellness Members. Our modern gym is maintained in sanitary condition and has the equipment that you need to improve your body’s function, structure, fitness, and overall health. Our gym is outfitted with a variety of high-quality weight lifting and fitness equipment including a:

Enjoy Our Therapy Pool for Exercise, Rehabilitation & Fun!

Water is an ideal supportive medium to enable comfortable stretching, strengthening, balance/gait training, and aerobic exercise. Our therapeutic water environment enables you to benefit from a variety of essential rehabilitation activities and exercise without experiencing the compressive forces that occur during land-based exercise. Our therapy pool offers an ideal transition from limited weight bearing to full weight bearing. It is also the ideal way to protect your joints while still gaining all of the benefits of strength training and cardio exercise.


Our water therapy environment is ideal for all of our guests, particularly our pediatric patients and those experiencing:


Our therapy pool is equipped with therapeutic water jets and the water temperature is maintained at a constant, optimal temperature of 92º. The ambient room temperature in our aquatics setting is maintained at 82º for your comfort whether in or out of the water. We have a large selection of aquatic exercise equipment for you to choose from, including a variety of flotation devices. Our aquatics facility is open year-round.

Quality Gym Memberships
Near Radford, VA

Monthly, quarterly, and yearly memberships are available for use of our quality gym facilities. Our gym is open to the public for strength training, cardio exercise, and helping you meet your overall fitness goals. We are conveniently located right in Christiansburg, Virginia, near Radford.

Affordable Pool Membership
Near Radford, VA

Most insurances cover aquatic physical therapy and rehabilitation. Affordable monthly, quarterly, and yearly memberships are available for our pool, conveniently located near Radford, VA. Contact us to learn more about how you can enjoy our pool for fun water exercise classes or a refreshing change to your workout routine. We provide laminated cards with a variety of recommended exercises listed so that you can customize your routine and work at your own pace if desired, as well.

We Offer Comfortable & Private
Physical Therapy Treatment Rooms

Professional Rehab Associates offer four clean, comfortable, and private physical therapy treatment rooms for use by our guests and their therapists during rehabilitation sessions. Our treatment tables are designed to maximize your comfort level during your treatment. Our therapists have access to an extensive array of modern equipment to ensure that your visit is as pleasant, efficient, and effective as possible.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have, to schedule an appointment, or purchase a gym or pool membership at (540) 639-5786.