Rehabilitation & Fitness Training Near Blacksburg, VA

Professional Rehab Associates (PRA) offers rehabilitation assistance for patients in Blacksburg, Virginia who are battling chronic conditions, recovering from orthopedic surgery, traumatic injury, and much more. In addition, our physical trainers provide professionally guided individualized fitness plans for professional and amateur athletes, as well as individuals who are making efforts to lose weight and increase lean body mass and strength.

Physical & Occupational Therapy at Virginia Tech

PRA serves the physical and occupational therapy needs of our Blacksburg and Montgomery County, VA guests who require assistance to restore physical and cognitive function. Our goal is to assist our patients to achieve optimal recovery and maximize functions that have been diminished or lost as a result of congenital disabilities, concussions, vestibular disorders, acute and chronic diseases and dysfunction, traumatic injuries and neurological conditions, as well as surgical recovery. We treat many types of painful and disabling conditions including neck, back, knee, and shoulder pain, TMJD, degenerative disc disease, traumatic injuries, congenital conditions, and much more.

Sports Therapy for Dance & Aquatic at Virginia Tech

The staff and students of Virginia Tech rely on PRA for the best professional sports therapy in the region. We offer individualized exercise prescriptions to help our patients achieve a wide range of sports-related goals. Our therapists assist student athletes in maximizing their potential in all types of sports, including dance and aquatics. 

Blacksburg, VA's Non-Intimidating Gym & Pool Membership

Blacksburg, Virginia residents are welcome to join the Wellness Program at Professional Rehab Associates. Our program includes a complete physical assessment, personal training, and full access to our state-of-the-art gym and pool. Enjoy our non-intimidating environment designed for participants of all ability and fitness levels. Fun group classes and individual sessions are available. We are here to help you achieve your fitness goals with efficiency and safety.

Speech Therapy & Assistive Devices

Professional Rehab Associates provides a complete range of speech and language therapy services for Blacksburg, Virginia residents. We treat all ages of patients from birth to our senior population. Whether you or your loved one require treatment for stroke-related speech loss, traumatic brain injury, birth injuries, cognitive delay, post-laryngectomy care, paralysis, voice strain, or any other speech-related dysfunction, we are here to help.

For more information about our available therapies and fitness programs, contact Professional Rehab Associates at (540) 639-5786.